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About Merci + Co.

Merci + Co. has always been something that I wanted to create but didn’t know the direction I wanted to take it. One thing that I was always interested in was beauty and skin care— Getting my skin to glow, even out the tone, and having that magazine skin without breaking the bank.


What I love about Merci + Co. is that I can be an artist. Some people have dancing, painting, and singing. I have a space where I am inspired and can create anything. With courage, some research, trial and error I took the plunge and created Merci + Co. I wanted to take what I learned from my mother’s cultural and old-school traditions  and incorporate her ideas in a modern way without having to change so much. My mom specialized in herbal remedies. Her get better secret was always a tea. Any “sickness” we had as kids, she had a recipe to fix us right up! They did not always taste pleasant, but we were always felt better.


My goal with Merci + Co., is to bring the best handmade natural products to an audience that share similar interests.  I want to provide a sensuous luxury and affordable experience. I look forward to sharing my creations and knowledge that I have acquired over time.


Marsha - Owner

Merci + Co.

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